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active members:
Alexander Kerr
John J. Lombard Jr.
Michael Jos Glasheen
Peter J. Boyer
Robert J. Hoelscher
Jeannette M. Bond
Rosetta B. Packer
Joel Elliott Horowitz
Lisa M. Salazar
Michael Patrick Kelly
Brian John Pendleton Jr.
Paul F. Swift
David Alden Ludgin
Barbara K. Gotthelf
Lisa W. Smith Bonsall
David J. Cooner
Joann M. Lytle
William F. Taylor Jr.
Frances Ruml Beckley
J. Wylie Donald
David J. Shipley
John H. Taylor III
Christopher S. Mayer
Matthew G. Wapner
Jeffrey Keith Daman
Nicholas M. Insua
Joshua H. Roberts
Cynthia M. Morrison
Kari Beth Samuels
Tana Bucca
Mark D. Villanueva
Angela Sheffler Abreu
Joe Patrick Yeager
Jocelyn A. Catalano Gabrynowicz

MCCARTER & ENGLISH, L.L.P. is a Philadelphia law firm registered in Philadelphia County PA and has 34 active members.

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