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active members:
Harold Berger
H. Laddie Montague Jr.
Carole A. Broderick
Russell D. Henkin
Roslyn Goold Pollack
Sherrie Raiken Savett
Merrill G. Davidoff
Daniel Berger
William T. Coleman III
Gary E. Cantor
Barbara A. Podell
Todd Stowe Collins
Ruthanne Gordon
Martin Isiah Twersky
Susan Schneider Thomas
Elizabeth W. Fox
Peter Richard Kahana
Gary L. Azorsky
Jeanne Ann Markey
Robin Switzenbaum
Jonathan David Berger
Peter Bartley Nordberg
Lawrence Deutsch
Sheryl Satzberg Levy
Lawrence Jay Lederer
Michael T. Fantini
Bart David Cohen
David Francis Sorensen
Eric Lechtzin
Arthur Michael Stock
Neil Mara
Bret Paxton Flaherty
Charles Pearsall Goodwin
Eric L. Cramer
Russell D. Paul
Michael Jay Kane
Phyllis Maza Parker
Glen L. Abramson
Lane Lanier Vines
Michael C. Dell'Angelo IV
Douglas Matthew Risen
Neill Wilson Clark IV
Ellen T. Noteware
Joy Clairmont
James A. Wells
David Andrew Langer
Steven L. Bloch
Shanon Jude Carson
Casey M. Preston
Keith J. Verrier
Daniel C. Simons
Carey R. D'Avino
Shoshana Michelle Savett
Esther Alexander
Candice Joy Enders
Jon Jason Lambiras
David B. Anziska

BERGER & MONTAGUE, P.C. is a Philadelphia law firm registered in Philadelphia County PA and has 57 active members.

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